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If I'm right about you and know you as I think I do, you often feel like the odd man out. Frustrated, stuck, and alone as you wonder how other men effortlessly navigate through the world of women with ease, but nothing seems to work for you.
This letter is about a unique process that I've been teaching men over the last two decades to reveal the roadblocks between you and the dating life you desire. It's a process that leads you to owning your masculinity and becoming a man that women respect and are drawn to.
From: Brian Begin
Los Angeles, California

You've read articles and maybe books, watched videos, and attended dating bootcamps on "how to get good with women"...

Yet your life hasn't changed. 

It looks and feels like it did before. 

But here's a question for you:
   If you aren’t attracting women,
  What's really going on with your masculinity?
The truth is... 

If you aren’t attracting women...

...then there's something getting in between you and your natural ability to attract the feminine. 

You shouldn’t have to go out and get drunk just to have courage to talk to women...

...or stand in some "power pose" you saw

...or use a very specific sentence that will get her into your bed.

Think about it - If fear didn’t affect you, would you have any problem walking up to an attractive woman and asking her for a phone number or asking her out on a date? 

Of course not!

You want more dates, more sex, and more women in your life, right?

Yet this life you want evades you. 

And most men don't take a deeper look at what is going on with them that's pushing the feminine away.
Allow me to let you in on a big secret right now. 

You already have the capability to be fearless with women and get as many dates as you want. You just don’t realize it yet.

As a man, you were built to attract the feminine.

But for whatever reason, your natural ability is switched to "off."

And this is what I’ve been teaching and coaching men just like you - how to access that part of you that polarizes and attracts the feminine.

These are regular men. Some are nervous, shy, introverts, extroverts, tall, short, fat, skinny, fathers, divorced men, actors...even a "World's Strongest Man" contender.  You name it - I've coached almost any type of man you can think of.

I share this with you because most men will get stuck on trivial things, like, "I'm not good looking," or, "I don't have money," or, "I don't have the right car." 

Some of my clients actually are good looking and some have plenty of money, but even with their good looks and money, they still weren't experiencing the life they so badly wanted.

But now they are living it. They've taken what they've learned and they are meeting and dating awesome, beautiful women despite their lackluster past and previous hang-ups.
Here's what a few of them had to say:
I promise you that YOU too can become the kind of man 
that women are CRAVING to have in their lives. 
Or how you would like to have the same experience as Mario, who was sure women weren't attracted to him because of his weight and height.

Yet, he sent me this text late one night...
Take A Moment And Allow Yourself To Feel 
What Your Life Would Be Like If You Could…

  •  A new life that comes from a solid and grounded confidence
  •  Break Through Insecurities, And The Feelings Like You Aren’t Good Enough
  •  Walk up to a woman and communicate to her that she is talking to a desirable man
  •  Develop sexual confidence that women feel instantly from the moment she connects with you 
  •  Become the kind of man women respect and can't get enough of
There are five common areas of challenge that most men need to overcome and master in order to become highly successful with women. The closer you get to mastering these frameworks, the better your results will be.

I'll be going deeper into these frameworks at The Fearless Man Live seminar. For two days, we'll focus on giving you the tools, resources, and practices to overcome your specific challenges.

It doesn't matter if you are newbie, or you’ve tried other coaching methods in the past.

This seminar sets you on a course to master these 5 frameworks and eliminate all the obstacles in the way of having the dating life you desire, or the relationship with the woman of your dreams.
The Five Frameworks To Master In Order To Become Outrageously Successful With Women
1. Handling Tension
2. Emotional Awareness & Vulnerability
3. Being Nice vs Being Real - AKA The “Nice Guy Syndrome”
4. Sexual Confidence, Sexual Shame, And Indulging Fantasies
5. Rejecting The Feminine Without Realizing It
When you address the challenges these frameworks present, the surface-level things “pickup artists” and other dating coaches teach, like:  
canned lines...

conversational structures...

and even body language techniques...don’t matter anymore. 

The things that do matter ultimately take care of themselves when you face the underlying issues contained within the aforementioned frameworks.

In other words, it all just starts to come naturally.

Now it might be helpful if I explain what I’m talking about with each of these frameworks and exactly what you’ll be learning at The Fearless Man Live…
Framework #1: Handling Tension
Life is constantly throwing tension at you.

How are you at dealing with this tension?

Do you welcome it, or do you avoid it?

In order to step into your masculine power and to trigger attraction in women, you must learn how to step into tension and actually enjoy it.

Think about it: Doesn’t a man who's great with tension have more fun in life?
Building your own successful business, skydiving, approaching that attractive woman at the bar - they all involve tension.

If you can’t handle tension, then how can you handle a woman’s emotions? Your ability to handle tension is one of the main characteristics that women get attracted to.

At The Fearless Man Live, you’ll learn to:
  • Change your relationship to tension so you begin to enjoy it...even when it’s scary.
  • Step into tension with women and be unapologetically direct with them in a way that actually makes an impact and gets sparks flying.
  • Move past the fear of approaching women, and fear of how a woman might react to you.
  • Create sexual tension without even saying anything at all.
Framework #2: Emotional Awareness & Vulnerability.
When you hear the words “emotional awareness and vulnerability,” what comes to mind? 

To be honest, the term emotional awareness has most men drawing a blank, and vulnerability is often confused with being needy or being a "wimp.”

The truth is, having emotional awareness and being vulnerable are neither of these things!

It’s about having the ability to handle your emotions...and also other people's emotions. 

Most men are terrible at noticing not only their emotions, but other people’s as well..

In fact, for a lot of men, having to express or receive strong emotions can trigger an incredible amount of fear and anxiety.

Or maybe you just (consciously or subconsciously) shut down your emotions so you don’t have to deal with feelings.

But if you want to get anywhere in life, you must deal with emotions. You must also become adept at dancing with their subtleties and growing your comfort with vulnerability.

If you pay close attention to your day, you may notice how many times you encounter an emotional situation with other people.

This could be in sales, business, dating, or sex.

Can you handle your girlfriend’s fears and worries?

What about your OWN fears and worries?

Unfortunately, so many men will do anything in their power to avoid being vulnerable with others. A lot of men even have trouble with just being emotionally honest with themselves. Instead, they remain comfortably numb.

Comfortably numb...and secretly miserable on the inside.

What you might not realize is that expressing yourself and becoming a master of your emotions unlocks one of the best parts of life.

At The Fearless Man Live,
  • I’ll help you really understand the difference between neediness and actual emotional vulnerability.
  • You’ll see how much strength, confidence, and attractiveness can actually come from getting vulnerable with women, and how it helps you connect with them.
  • You’ll learn how to start being a stronger, more magnetic man through your vulnerability.
  • You’ll learn how to manage your emotions and the emotions of others to connect deeper and build trust.
  • And you’ll learn how to start accessing the emotions you may have been suppressing because of society’s misguided representations of what masculinity and confidence look like.
Framework #3: The Nice Guy Syndrome"
Are you familiar with the saying, "nice guys finish last?"

A lot of men get stuck on this particular challenge, because at heart they enjoy being nice and kind to the women in their life.

Now, there's nothing wrong with being nice and kind, and the answer to your dating challenges is absolutely NOT to just become an asshole.

What I mean when I talk about nice guys is the kind of men who complain about their problems with women by saying "But I'm such a nice guy, when will she realize?!" and who often are told things like "you’re just too nice," and “I like you, but as a friend” by women.

See, the problem "nice guys" face is that they aren't actually nice.

Nice guys think they are being generous, but ultimately their version of generosity doesn’t get them anywhere with women.

There’s a reason for that! (And no, it’s not that women don’t like being treated well.)

In reality, their seemingly "nice" behavior is only motivated by attempts to passively please women into relationships and/or sex.

Being “nice” in order to get something in return isn’t giving. It’s actually taking. It’s having a hidden agenda.

It’s manipulative, and women can see through it.

The first step to breaking free from "Nice Guy Syndrome" is to be real and stop being overly nice. Stop trying to please everybody!

Nice guys are afraid of conflict, which is why they feign being nice instead of leading with their true feelings

At The Fearless Man Live,
  •  You'll learn how to stop the Nice Guy Syndrome and how to create healthy boundaries with women.
  • You'll learn how to let go of habits that communicate neediness, and how to become the man that embodies unapologetic boldness.
  • We’ll go over teachings that even when applied to the smallest degree will stop you from being stuck in the friend zone.
Framework #4: Sexual Confidence, Sexual Shame, and Indulging Fantasies.
How would you like to have a woman reveal her deepest desires and fantasies to you?

How would you like her to trust you enough to do things she has never done with any other man?

How about expressing your own fantasies with confidence and charm... and then actually getting to experience them in your real life!

This is an area that most men think about, but unfortunately, the vast majority will never get to play their fantasies out in real life with women.

Men will often try to push the boundaries sexually, but all they experience is a woman shutting down and pulling away.

It all has to do with protecting her fantasies.

In order for a woman to open up to you sexually, there are three things she needs to feel from you...

   1.) That you aren't going to judge her.

   2.) That you aren't going to run around and tell everyone about her desires and sexual behavior.

   3.) That you will stay solid and manage all the physical and emotional vulnerability that goes with sex - and especially more adventurous sex and fantasies.

Once you become a grounded, solid man that appreciates women, then you can start opening women up to being more sexually adventurous. 

A woman needs to feel your groundedness so she trusts that you can handle the tension of her wild fantasies that she hides from the world. 

At The Fearless Man Live,
  • We’ll practice talking about sex and fantasies...right in front of our FEARLESS models.
  • We’ll work on getting you comfortable talking about sex, with practices for dealing with nervousness and discomfort that comes up.
Framework #5: Rejecting The Feminine Without Realizing It.
The world of women isn't just about you "learning to get good with women." It’s also becoming aware of all the ways that you subconsciously reject and say "no" to women.

When you see an attractive woman across the bar or on the street, who are you usually being? How do you feel inside and behave?

Your beingness at that very moment matters FAR more than what you say to her. Your subcommunication - your voice tone, your body language, the micro-expressions on your face and tiny nervous ticks - say everything to her.


It simply boils down to this...

...Whatever you are feeling in that moment, that nervousness, that anxiety or fear, that feeling that “you're not good enough” - is what she'll feel as you approach her.

But here is the key... there's nothing wrong with being nervous or anxious. The mistake you are most likely making is trying to hide these emotions.

Hiding what you are feeling only makes things worse, because your body will find a way to release that energy. This is why people have nervous ticks - your body is trying to find a release for all those emotions.

That’s part of what made one of my clients who'd previously studied "pickup" and worked with "pickup artist" coaches for 7 years incredibly awkward and robotic - he was trying  to hide all his emotions by mimicking supposedly perfect body language and suppressing his nerves. 

So next time you approach a woman, ask yourself: "What are some subtle things (twitches, movements, etc) that I do when I see an attractive woman?" This is hard to do in the beginning, but with practice you'll start noticing the little things that you do that are most likely pushing women away.

At The Fearless Man Live:
  • You will see exactly how you react in front of attractive women.
  • You'll get to see all the subtleties and micro-expressions that a woman sees from you, and what you are communicating to her in that moment.
  • I’ll teach you how to deal with the underlying emotions, how to stay grounded in the midst of the emotions, and
  • How to even own them with women in a way that’s much more attractive and authentic than trying to hide what you’re feeling. Embarrassment and nervousness can even become an aphrodisiac - a strength - when you start getting this!
Here's What You'll Get From This Event:
  • You’ll explore the subtle behaviors, habits, mannerisms, and nuances that are unique to you, the things that you do that communicate nervousness, neediness, and lack of confidence.
  • You’ll learn how to re-develop the one skill you’ve lost as a man and how you can expand your life with this skill whether it's with women, career, or business.
  • Discover limitations to your self-confidence. 
  • You'll learn how to develop indifference to outcome. I have good news and bad news for you - Women will reject you! It’s inevitable! Not every woman is available, not every woman is interested, and there’s no way to know what’s really going on in her life or day - respect that! If you get attached to every woman who says no, you’ll have a very difficult time getting anywhere with women. The secret is to learn to enjoy her and interacting with her, whether she says "yes" or "no."
  • Discover what it really takes for you to turn on a woman - this isn’t one of those events where I’ll teach you things to say to turn her on. What I’ll teach you is to turn her on even with the simplest, most "boring" sentences, and especially through eye contact.  
  •  Uncover the truth about why other programs or coaches haven't gotten you the results you want. 
  •  You'll get to the core of what’s preventing you from creating attraction with women.
  •  You'll start to free yourself from fear and anxiety.
  •  Learn how to let go of your “nice guy tendencies” and feelings of not being good enough.
  •  Learn how to communicate in a way that shows women that you are a desirable man.
  •  I'll teach you to own your desire and delight for the feminine spirit so that women feel your social and sexual confidence the moment they look in your eyes.
  •  Learn how to be grounded and solid even when a woman is "testing" you.  
  •  You'll begin to develop a penetrating energy that lets women see you as a man they trust beyond your perceived “limitations.”
  • Learn to deal with approach anxiety and transcend it so you can make new connections with ease. 
  • Mindset shifts that will take your learning process from years to months.
  • Know how to develop your masculinity, boldness, & attractiveness.
  • Become a man that earns trust and respect from women.
  • Develop your confidence & masculinity for any situation at anytime.
  • Become an embodied, solid, and grounded man. 
The truth is that you too can start dating the women of your dreams. Other Fearless students - regular men just like you - already have! 

Apply the fundamentals I’ll share with you in this seminar and watch the changes happen.
What makes The Fearless Man Live UNIQUE?
Here's a taste of what you'll experience
Here's What A Few of Our Students Are Saying:
Come meet the Fearless models. Here's what a few of the ladies had to say about what
they love about working with men like you:
And now it's time for you decide.

Will you continue down the comfortable path you’re already in now, stay where you are, do the same things, and keep reaping the same results?

Or, will you join me with other like-minded men and work your way to being the man that you want to be?
    May 5-6, 2018
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  • Demo with Fearless Model
  • Infield Practice Sat Night
  • 1-0n-1 Breakthrough Session
  • 2 Online Webinars
    July 21- 22, 2018
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  • Demo with Fearless Model
  • Infield Practice Sat Night
  • 1-0n-1 Breakthrough Session
  • 2 Online Webinars
   SEPTEMBER 22-23,2018
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  • Demo with Fearless Model
  • Infield Practice Sat Night
  • 1-0n-1 Breakthrough Session
  • 2 Online Webinars
100% Money Back Guarantee
I'll keep this simple - I obviously believe that this is an amazing opportunity for you to make a shift in your life, BUT it's not for every man. 

All I ask is that you come with an open mind and a willingness to participate. All the risk is on me - IF after completing the first day of the seminar, you don't feel that you have received value from this event, just let us know that it's not for you and we will refund your money, no questions asked.
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