Do You Ever Wish You Could Be The Man That
Today's Modern Woman Is Craving For?
Dear Friend,

If you struggling to meet and date beautiful women you are feeling uncertain, overwhelmed and you are no longer sure what's “ok and acceptable” when it comes to women. 

You feel stuck, alone and frustrated as you see other men effortlessly navigate through the world of women with ease, but nothing seems to work for you.

You are not alone because I can relate.

In this letter am going to share some ideas and principles that I’ve learned about becoming the kind of man that women respect and are drawn to regardless of your looks and money situation.

At the end of this letter I am going to extend an invitation for you to come join me alongside other men just like you here in Los Angeles. This will be a weekend where I'll show you how to make these ideas a reality - a part of who you are as a man and how to develop yourself into the kind of man that most men dream about becoming with women and life.

My name is Brian and once a upon a time - dating was so damn difficult for me.

I sucked bad.

I was extremely shy, walled off and could not talk to people at all.

I had a tiny group of friends and we spent all our time playing Dungeons and Dragons. 

This was me in a nut shell...
Can you identify with any of these?

Just looking at this again reminds me the pain and loneliness that I was experiencing back then.

It was so bad that I was in constant depression and apathy.

My fear was that I would grow old, alone, miserable and depressed. 

And that's when I decided to make a change.

So I threw out all the video games. Got rid of all the Dungeons and Dragons. And I made a commitment to change my life.

I read every book I could find on social skills, the mind and how to make permanent shifts. 

During this process I noticed something.

...I was making fast and massive shifts by changing my mindset.

Specifically reprogramming my nervous system to handle more tension.

I would work on my skill to handle more tension with women, business, money and my life would expand in those areas.

It was painfully slow at first, but I figured out some secrets why dating was so hard for me.
5 REASONS Why Dating Is Hard For You
Since my 20s I've gone on to work with men and teaching them how to make the same changes that I made in my 20s. 

In the decade or more that I've worked with men, I've noticed that men who struggle to meet and date are usually facing some common challenges.

Everyone is different but the same themes keep showing up over and over again.

It comes down to this...
If you aren't attracting the women you want in your life...then there's something getting in between you and your natural ability to attract the feminine. 
Have you ever asked yourself...

What's really going on with your masculinity?

What are your stories and beliefs about women?

Here’s the deeper meaning:

You'll never get women in your life by trying to get them… which is what every other coach and product from books, body-sprays and beer brands tries to do.

The only way to attract women in your life is to become a man that attracts women, a man that she craves, a man that naturally draws her in.

You shouldn’t have to go out and get drunk just to be bold and have courage talk to women...or

you shouldn't need a specific 13 word sentence that will get her into your bed.

Think about this for a minute. If you were not scared of women at all.

You didn't have any resentments towards women, no anger.

You have no stories at all about women, and you have no stories about you as a man.

You respect yourself as a man, and men in general. 

Would you have any problem walking up to an attractive woman and asking her for a phone number or out on a date? 

Of course not!

Yet there's something that's stopping you from being a naturally attractive man. And that's what you need to explore.

But let's take a look at:
* What are women really attracted to? And I mean beyond looks and money. 
* What value do you bring to the feminine?
* What does it take to be a man that women fantasize?

Here are few things you can do to start making this change.
Women Love A Man That Can Flow In Tension
If you get anything at all from this letter, this would be it. 

In order to really make any change in your life with women, your job, business, health, you'll have to step into some tension. And it's tension you most likely won't enjoy, because if you did enjoy it, you'd do it. And if you took action you'd have the things you want in life.

Unfortunately men today have lost this skill.

It's a skill that we all need to master for our career, businesses, finances, relationships...

Life is constantly throwing tension at you, question is how do you handle tension in your life?

Do you welcome it, or do you avoid it?

In order to step into your masculine power and to trigger attraction in women, you must learn how to step into tension and how to  enjoy it even if you are scared or anxious

Done right, tension turns into sexual tension fast!

But if you can’t handle tension, then how can you handle a woman’s emotions?

Your ability to handle tension is one of the main characteristics that women are looking for and craving in men today. 

She wants to know that you as man can hold a space even when everything else around you is collapsing.

Men that are good with women, are great at handling and stepping into tension.

But be careful, pushing tension can backfire on you if not an inviting energy, for that you'll need to learn how to be vulnerable with a woman and you'll need to know how emotional transference.
The "Nice Guy" Mask
Are you familiar with the saying, "nice guys finish last?"

A lot of men get stuck on this particular challenge, because at heart they enjoy being nice and kind to the women in their life.

There's nothing wrong with being nice and kind, and the answer to your dating challenges is absolutely NOT to become an asshole.

Nice guys are the kind of men who complain about their problems with women by saying "But I'm such a nice guy, when will she realize!" and who often hear women saying to them "you’re just too nice," and “I like you, but as a friend.”

See, the problem "nice guys" face is that they aren't actually nice to a fault.

Nice guys think they are being generous.

Reality is nice guys are afraid of conflict, which is why they feign being nice instead of leading with their true feelings

Ultimately their version of generosity doesn’t get them anywhere with women.

There’s a reason for that! (And no, it’s not that women don’t like being treated well.)

"Nice Guy" behavior is only motivated by attempts to passively please women into relationships and/or sex.

Being “nice” in order to get something in return isn’t giving.

It’s actually taking.

It’s having a hidden agenda.

It’s manipulative, and women can see through it.

She can tell when you want something from her.

The first step to breaking free from "Nice Guy Syndrome" is to be real and stop being overly nice.

Stop trying to please women and everyone else around you!
    She Feels You, Even When You Have no Idea What You are Feelings
    You ever see a group of women talking, maybe they're having Sunday brunch, sharing drinks and sharing about their week.

    Ever notice the back and forth that goes on?

    To men it often looks like they are just cackling and random.

    But if you pay close attention, it’s not random at all.

    One woman might share something sad and her girlfriends relate back by sharing how they understand or feel.

    What are they doing?

    They are trading emotions back and forth.

    That’s how women connect.  

    That’s how they relate to each other. 

    What women understand, that men don't is... 
    “When you are having a good, connected conversation, all you are really doing is relating your emotions to the other person and they are relating to you. 
    That’s positive inception.

    You walk around all day and your emotions are constantly affecting everybody around you.  

    Whether you are aware of what emotions you are feeling and how you are affecting people is entirely a different thing.

    The best leaders in the world, the best motivators in the world have this ability to transfer emotion to you, to get you excited, to get you feeling the emotion.

    As humans we are always feeling each other's emotions, but because of language and our analytical minds, we’ve lost the awareness of that ability, especially men.

    When you are being analytical you check out of your body and your emotions are shut off. At times it’s a lack of feeling emotion or just feeling of nervousness or anxiety.

    There’s a reason I feel strongly about using pick lines.

    Just because you can say the words doesn't mean the emotions are there. Pick up lines fall flat because a lot of men can deliver the words, but it never lands because there’s no emotion in what they are saying.

    Unfortunately, as men we tend to have less awareness compared to women or we are too numbed out and are numbed out feeling nothing at all.

    The same way that you feel a transference of emotion when you watch a phenomenal actor on screen. Women can feel the transference of your emotions.

    So when you are feeling fear, anxiety, anger, or apathy what is she feeling when you approach her?

    That’s right, depending on how you feel light or heavy – she’ll feel that.

    And that's what positive inception is all about. The ability to do that is a skill set that can be learned.

    Being emotionally aware and vulnerable doesn’t mean you are a wimp or weak.

    Learning the skill of positive inception is just expressing yourself and becoming a master of your emotions especially when you step into tension.
    Your Tools of Connection and Charisma Happen in Your Body Not in Your Head
    Another mistake I see men make is thinking that seduction is a analytical process. 

    You'll never seduce her from your head.

    Stop thinking about it so much.

    Stop trying to be attractive or seduce  from your head, instead learn how to feel what was going on in your body. 

    Learn to relate to you body because... 

    Men that are good with women can relate to their bodies. They speak from their bodies. 

    It's your body that holds the turn on, the curiosity, the appreciation of a beautiful woman. 

    This is what she feels, but if you are walled off or numbed out - she feels that as well.

    All your tools of seduction, all your tools of connection and charisma happen in your body not in your head.

    So really master embodiment and what it's like to feel in your body and relate from your emotions and you'll connect better. 

    I won't lie to you, it's hard work.

    What am sharing isn't taught, mostly you've been given tactics without addressing the core issue...
    You Are Pushing Women Away and You Don't Even Know It
    The world of women isn't just about you "learning to get good with women."

    It’s also becoming aware of all the ways that you subconsciously reject and push women away.

    When you see an attractive woman across the bar or on the street, who are you usually being?

    How do you feel inside and behave?

    Your beingness at that very moment matters FAR more than what you say to her.

    Your subcommunication - your voice tone, your body language, the micro-expressions on your face and tiny nervous ticks - say everything to her.


    It simply boils down to this...

    Whatever you are feeling in that moment, that nervousness, that anxiety or fear, that feeling that “you're not good enough” - is what she'll feel as you approach her.

    But here is the key... there's nothing wrong with being nervous or anxious.

    The mistake you are most likely making is trying to hide these emotions.

    Hiding what you are feeling only makes things worse, because your body will find a way to release that energy.

    This is why people have nervous ticks - your body is trying to find a release for all those emotions.

    So next time you approach a woman, ask yourself:

    "What are some subtle things (twitches, movements, etc) that I do when I see an attractive woman?"

    This is hard to do in the beginning, but with practice you'll start noticing the little things that you do and are most likely pushing women away.
    Dating and Being in Relationship With Women Doesn't Have To Be Hard!
    For the past 10 years I've led men through various intense weekends to give them the insights, tools and exercises to reclaim their masculinity and becoming a man women respect. 

    I really enjoy helping men fully step into the man they know they can be and how to overcome the obstacles that get in the way of having the life that you know in your queit moments is real, and has been waiting for you.

    These are everyday men that you walk past, your friends, some are nervous, shy, introverts, extroverts, tall, short, fat, skinny, fathers, divorced, actors, body builders, you name it - I've worked almost any man you can think of. 

    I’d like to invite you to The Fearless Man Live in Los Angeles, California
    Here's What You'll Get At The Fearless Man Live
    • You'll leave this event a more masculine, more confident man and clear on what's getting in the way of you attracting the feminine
    • You'll feel at ease with your confidence and masculinity
    • You'll learn the qualities that complement a masculine man and how to drop toxic masculinity
    • You'll practice stepping into tension with women authentically, in a way that leaves her feeling seen and appreciated
    • You'll get simple and specific exercises to get you past approach anxiety, the fear of approaching women and fear of rejection
    • You'll expereince first hand while working with FEARLESS models how to create sexual tension.
    • You'll learn how to talk about fantasies...right in front of our FEARLESS models in a way that feels good to you and to women
    • You'll see demos of how to use positive inception and emotional transference
    • You’ll learn how to access the emotions you have been suppressing because of society’s misguided representations of what masculinity and confidence looks like.
    • You'll learn how to stop the Nice Guy Syndrome and how to create healthy boundaries with women.
    • You'll identify habits that communicate neediness, and how to embody boldness
    • You will see exactly how you affect women with your emotions
    • I’ll teach you how to deal with the underlying emotions, how to stay grounded in the midst of the emotions, and
    • You'll learn how move beyond your perceived “limitations.”
    • A 30 day plan to build up solid self-confidence, even if you feel like you’re starting from rock bottom.
    • You'll learn the 1% rule that will take your learning process from years to months.
    • Burn off the "Nice Guy" persona and develop your masculinity, boldness, & attractiveness.
    • Become a man that triggers attraction and earns trust from women.
    • Become an embodied, solid, and grounded man. 
    Here's A Sneak Peek of What You'll Experience at
    The Fearless Man Live in Los Angeles, July 21-22,2018
    Event Will Start In:
    What makes the work that FEARLESS events unique is the feedback loops that you get come from 4 different coaches and the models that we have there all day to work with you. 
    Here's What Our Students & Models Are Saying:
    And now it's time for you decision. You have 3 options.

    Your first option is take this journey on your own and figure it all out for yourself. Yes, it will take longer and you’ll make many wrong turns, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Your second option is to do nothing. Keep doing what you are doing and continue life as is. Most men do. 

    And your third option which I am hoping you take is allow my Team and I to help you on this journey. 
    Here’s How To Secure Your Spot For:
    The Fearless Man Live
    Los Angeles, CA
    July 21-22,2018

    • Entrance
    • Demos
    • Infield Practice
    • 2 Week Online Training

    • AS A VIP you'll get an additional
      coaching session at an exclusive mastermind
      dinner with the coaches Brian and Dave
      on Sat night. Dinner is on us and it will be at
      an exclusive spot in LA and where
      you'll have 1-on-1 one time to ask
      any questions and be mentored by 2 coaches. 
    Our Guarantee
    I'll keep this simple - I obviously believe that this is an amazing opportunity for you to make a shift in your life, BUT not  it's not for every man. 

    All I ask is that you come with an open mind and ready with a willingness to participate. All the risk is on me - IF after completing the first day of the seminar, you don't feel that you have received value from this event, just let us know that it's not for you and we will refund your money back, no questions asked.
    Got Questions? Call and speak to my highly trained team at: (323) 452-2906
    “Working with Brian and Dave has made such a huge shift in my life and it all happened in a window of 5-6 months. I was frustrated with dating and turned out I was always stopping short and walking away from interactions with women because I didn’t think I could handle the tension. Once this clicked, I ended having some amazing sexual experiences beyond what I imaged and now I am living with my girlfriend. The principles I learned at Fearless I’ve also applied into building my own business.”                                                                                                      
                                                                                            ~ George
    Before Fearless, I was a mess. I was so numbed out to everything that I couldn’t understand why people got emotional at times. More so, I was afraid of emotions themselves. and when it came to women, I was always getting rejected no matter what pick-up line I tried out. 

    After Fearless, my life has changed in ways I couldn’t possibly have imagined. I can feel emotions and the energy flowing through my body. I’ve become aware of my values and what motivates me. Best of all, I frequently amaze myself with the positive responses I get from women, even when all I do is say “hi”
                                                                                                ~ Nick
    Since I started Fearless my life now is 360 compared to what it was. Now I can date women & be vulnerable & masculine & not be afraid to get sexual, & I learned how to create my new reality. I am now working on fulfilling my dream by becoming a chef something I never thought would happen.
                    ~ Mario
    “Working with Fearless has helped me regain my masculinity and the ability to let go of my drama and negativity. 

    I’ve learned how to share myself vulnerability without drama, without neediness but instead in a way that women enjoy it and they get to experience my masculinity. Approaching and asking women out no longer scares the shit out of me. I am constantly meeting women and going out on dates thanks to what I learned from Fearless.

    My life is ever expanding, am meeting women and got a higher paying job and my dream to move to Los Angeles is happening.  
                                                                                                         ~ Fabian
    After many years of studying from the “pick-up” community, I reached a point of frustration that I still did not have any results. I felt like I would die alone, and had lost hope. 

    Upon taking a Fearless Course, Brian and Dave brought up 3 key things that I had not been exposed to. The first was being grounded. It doesn’t matter what you say, it wound have any effect if you’re not grounded. Second was tension, I was always one to play it safe. Without tension, attraction wont happen. And last, was releasing. I had lots of heavy negative energy that I was keeping me down. That comes across in any interaction, so its important to release that negativity.

    ~ Alfredo
    Here’s How To Secure Your Spot For:
    The Fearless Man Live
    Los Angeles, CA
    July 21-22,2018

    • Entrance
    • Demos
    • Infield Practice
    • 2 Week Online Training

    • AS A VIP you'll get an additional
      coaching session at an exclusive mastermind
      dinner with the coaches Brian and Dave
      on Sat night. Dinner is on us and it will be at
      an exclusive spot in LA and where
      you'll have 1-on-1 one time to ask
      any questions and be mentored by 2 coaches. 
    Our Guarantee
    I'll keep this simple - I obviously believe that this is an amazing opportunity for you to make a shift in your life, BUT not  it's not for every man. 

    All I ask is that you come with an open mind and ready with a willingness to participate. All the risk is on me - IF after completing the first day of the seminar, you don't feel that you have received value from this event, just let us know that it's not for you and we will refund your money back, no questions asked.
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