The Fearless Man & Ars Amorata Live in Las Vegas
August 5-6, 2017
Come And Spend 2 Days And DISCOVER What It Takes To Transform
Yourself Into A Masculine & attractive Man
That NATURALLY draws women in
AUGUST 5-6, 2017
Fearless Man Live in Las Vegas is Excited to Feature...
Zan Perrion
...As The Keynote Speaker!

Zan Perrion

Zan teaches men how to be more confident and attractive to women without relying on canned lines and routines. Zan is an internationally writer and professional speaker with the an uncanny skill of informing and inspiring his audiences toward excellence in all aspects of life. He advocates sincerity in the pursuit of women and is thus a proponent of natural game. Zan travels the world teaching men and women the art of seduction and is also runs a natural game forum where artists who are into the natural game method can discuss ideas and new breakthroughs. Zan is also a frequent speaker and his non PUA lingo also prompts much media attention from dating magazines to news broadcasts of a traveling "Casanova".
So What Is This Event All About?...
From: Brian Begin
Los Angeles, California

Welcome to this page and thanks for stopping by.

As you start reading this page, you may not quite realize the potential that this event has to quite literally transform your interactions and relationships with women.

But you will... very shortly. 

This event is nothing like any of the other dating events you may have attended in the past.

This event has been specifically designed to show you the possibilities of having amazing relationships with the women of your dreams.
You Will Discover How To Transform Yourself Into the
Kind of Man That Women are Drawn To.
Before we talk any more about The Fearless Man, let me address the one question you are most likely asking yourself...

You’re wondering if this is going to be another one of ‘those events’. 

First of I am not going to promise you that you'll get good with women in one weekend. 

But my promise to you is - "You CAN become the kind of man that women are naturally attracted to and craving for."

A man that is grounded, present, steps into tension, vulnerable(not needy) and masculine - and you have this capability, you just don’t realize it. As a man you were built to attract the feminine, and if you find you aren't attracting women into your life , then there is something that you have placed in path of this natural dance of attraction from happening.

By the end of The Fearless Man Live Weekend you’ll leave with an understanding of how to transform yourself into the kind of man women are drawn to. You’ll learn what it's like to be powerfully attractive, what it's like to be a woman’s fantasy, what it's like to have multiple women fantasize over you, and what it's like to have a woman be your biggest fan. 

Zan and I are teaming up to bring you an experience unlike any other.
Let’s Talk About The Most Common Challenges That You Are Most Likely Experiencing
There are common challenges that most men need to overcome and once you master these challenges, you will become an unstoppable force.

It's doesn't matter if you are newbie at this or you have tried other coaching methods. 
Master these 5 things and you'll eliminate obstacles that are in the way of you having relationships with the women of your dreams. 

Zan and I will be breaking down these 5 Challenges into steps at
The Fearless Man Live. 

So let’s go on a little journey here together and I’ll explain exactly what you’ll be learning…
Challenge #1: You Reject Women and You Don't Even Realizing It
Understanding the world of women isn't about you "learning to get good with women" but becoming aware of all the ways that you "reject and say no to women".

When you see an attractive woman across the bar or on a street, who are you usually being? Your beingness at that very moment matters more than what you are going to say to her. Your subtleties and sub communication matter more than what you will say, your voice tone, your body language matter more than what you are going to say to her.


It simply boils down to this...

...Whatever you are feeling in that moment - the nervousness, the anxiety or fear, when you approach her with all those emotions she is going to feel it.

But here is the key.. there's nothing wrong with being nervous or anxious, the mistake you are most likely making is trying to hide these emotions. 

Hiding what you are feeling only makes things worse, because your body will find a way to release that energy. This why people have nervous ticks, your body is trying to release all those emotions.

So next time to approach a woman ask yourself "what are some subtle things (twitches, movements) that I do when I see an attractive woman?" This is hard to do in the beginning but with practice you'll start noticing the little things that you do and are most likely pushing women away.

What makes Fearless Man Live unique is that you will see exactly how you react in front of attractive women. You'll get to see all the subtle movements or micro expressions that a woman sees from you and what you are communicating to her in that moment.

Challenge #2: You Are Avoiding Tension
Life is constantly throwing tension at you – question is how do you deal with this tension

Do you welcome it or do you avoid it? 

In order to step into your masculine power and to trigger attraction in women you must learn how to step into tension and enjoy the tension. 

Think about it: Does a man great tension get more fun from life? Becoming a sales man, building a successful business, approaching that attractive woman at the bar all involve tension. 

If you can’t handle tension, then how can you handle a woman’s emotions – your ability to handle tension is one of the most attractive characteristics a woman will test for.
Challenge #3: Do You Have "The Nice Guy Syndrome"?
The "Nice Guy Syndrome" is most likely the one thing that will bring a relationship to an end or just kill attraction! Are you familiar with the saying "nice guys finish last?"

The challenge that nice guys face is that they actually aren't nice - nice guys are synonymous with doing things, but in reality are only motivated by attempts to passively please women into a relationship and/or sex. 

The first step to stop the "Nice Guy Syndrome" is to "Be real" and "stop being overly nice, trying to please everybody." 
Nice guys avoid tension and have a fear of conflict. They’re always trying to smooth things over, and take tension out the conversations. 

Unfortunately for these men they don't realize that for there to be any change in life there must be tension. Without tension, you cannot attract the feminine.

At the Fearless Man Live you'll learn "how to stop the Nice Guy Syndrome" and how to create healthy boundaries with women. You'll learn how to let go of habits that communicate that you are needy, or the best guy friend that women have, instead becoming the man that embodies boldness and is unapologetic.
Challenge #4: Do You Have Awareness of Emotional Vulnerability?
When you hear the word emotional vulnerability what comes to mind? 

Emotional vulnerability is often confused with “being needy” or “being whimpy”. Having emotional vulnerability is having the ability to handle your emotions but also other peoples vulnerability. 

Many men are terrible at handling not only their emotions, but other people’s vulnerability. 

To get anything in life, you must deal with tension, but you also have to be good at dancing in the subtleties of emotions and vulnerability. Pay close attention to your day and notice how many times in a day you encounter vulnerability with people in sales, business, dating and sex. 

Can you handle your girlfriends' fears and concerns?

What about your OWN fears and concerns?

Unfortunately so many men avoid the vulnerability in the world. What you might not realize is that this is the best part of life! This is reason why the "bad boys" gets the girls and why "nice guys" finish last. Bad Boys are not only good with tension, they handle the vulnerability that comes from it.
Challenge #5: Do Women Trust You To Protect Their Fantasies?
How would you like to have a woman reveal her deepest desires and fantasies to you? How would you like her to trust you enough to do things she has never done with another man?

This is an area that most men think about, unfortunately will never get to experience this side of a woman.

Men will often try to push the boundary sexually, but all they experience is a woman shutting down and pulling away. And it all has to do with "protecting her fantasy". 

In order for a woman to open up to you, there are 2 things a she needs to feel from you...
1.) She needs to feel that you aren't going to judge her
2.) You aren't going to run around and tell everyone about her desires

Once you become a grounded, solid man that appreciates women, then you can start opening up a woman. She needs to feel your groundedness so that she can trust you can handle the tension. Because being good with tension isn't just delivering it, it's also about receiving it without reacting.
So, Who Will You Be Learning From?

Zan Perrion

Zan is internationally recognized as one of the most original and insightful voices on relationships and seduction in the world today. A regular media commentator, he has been widely featured in the international press.
Zan, author of “The Alabaster Girl,” brings his unique experience as a self-proclaimed “Gypsy Pirate” who transformed from being a literal mountain-boy recluse into an infamous lover of women who has dedicated his life to studying the opposite sex and helping men change their love-lives.

Brian Begin

Yours truly, I've been coaching for decades and I now specialize in "presence work": getting people “out of their heads” (over-analysis) and into a deeper, more conscious relationship with their bodies. This helps students eliminate the noise of their minds and identify the true insecurities, fears, and limiting beliefs that are holding them back.

They can then strip all that away to build authentic confidence, be more present to connect with others at profound levels, and find the drive to achieve world-class success. Dating is just one of the specialties at FEARLESS - the confidence and other internal work Brian has created is truly universal and often focused on career and other areas of life. 
In This Exclusive 2 Day Event You’ll Discover . . .
  •  Limitations to your self-confidence
  •  The power of indifference and how to use it to develop your confidence and getting better with women  
  •  How to take approach anxiety and transcend it
  •  Mindset shifts that will take your learning process from years to months 
  •  How to burn off the "Nice Guy" and develop your masculinity, boldness & attractiveness 
  •  What does it really take to be a man that triggers attraction, earns trust from women 
  •  Simple exercises that will develop your confidence, masculinity
  •  Exercises to become an embodied, solid and grounded man 
  •  How to let go of emotions such as apathy, guilt, anger that are blocking your
    connections with women
  •  Live demonstration with a women's panel on how your sub-communication and body language say about you (this is what makes Fearless Man workshops different and unique. You get to work with women and get feedback from women)
The Fearless Man Live Is Perfect For You If:
  • You don't want to settle and you are ready to change that
  •  You no longer want to let fear and anxiety stop you from experiencing your life 
  •  You can't seem to figure out why women don't notice or respond to you 
  •  You want to live a Fearless Lifestyle, which means amazing experiences, travel, dating the women of your dreams 
  •  You already accept that the life you desire with women begins by changing the way you think about your interactions with women 
  •  You are tired of not living life on your own terms and you can't ignore it anymore
NOTE: The Fearless Man Live event isn't just for single men, but for any man that wants to build high levels of confidence and getting in touch with his masculinity. Any man that wants to explore limitations in his self-confidence.

Secure Your Seat at The Fearless Man Live in Las Vegas
One Time Charge
  • Entry into event
  • FULL 2 days of training 
  • 2 Week Follow-Up Online Training
One Time Charge
  • Entry into event
  • FULL 2 days of training 
  • Digital Recordings
  • Front row seating
  • 2 Week Follow-Up Online Training
  • AS A SUPER VIP you'll get everything VIPs get plus an exclusive mastermind dinner with Zan Perrion, Brian Begin and Dave Stultz on Friday Night (8/4). Dinner will be at an exclusive spot and you'll have 1-on-1 one time to ask any questions and be mentored by 3 coaches. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Q     Where is the event being held?
A    The event will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Exact
       location will be sent to attendees
Q     What time is the event?
A     The event will be running from 10am to 6pm both
       Saturday 8/5 and Sunday 8/6. 
Q     Will I be learning how to talk to women?
A     At Fearless I don’t teach students what to say to
       women but rather, who are you being when talking
       to women. What you'll learn is how to become
       aware about who you are being and how your sub
       communication affects your conversations and
       connections with women. It doesn’t matter what
       you say to women as long as you are grounded and
       stay present with her. Most men are stuck in there
Q - Will this be more about theory?
A     Since am I the only coach out there that teaches
       what I teach there will be some teaching on the
       philosophies of stepping into tension, stopping the
       nice guy. But workshop depends heavily on where
       students are. In one workshop I might focus on
       Nice Guy Syndrome and in another class I might
       focus more sexual shame. Regardless we always
       have women in the workshops to practice these
       concepts in real world situations. If you looking for
       more experiential workshops we have a workshop
       called "The Experience Workshop" that has 8hrs of
       infield practice and 3 hrs of model work - you can
       email for more
Q - Do you have a guarantee?
A     We have a Money Back Guarantee, if by Saturday
       8/5 at 6pm you don't feel like you are getting
       any value from the event, we will refund you your money
       back, no questions asked.
Since I started Fearless, my life now is 360 compared to what it was. Now I can date women and be vulnerable and masculine and not be afraid to get sexual, & I learned how to create my new reality. I am still learning to let go of what I really want, & now I am working on fulfilling my dream by becoming a TV Chef Personality, something I never though would have happened

~ Eddie


After many years of studying from the “pick-up” community, I reached a point of frustration that I still did not have any results. I felt like I would die alone, and had lost hope.
Upon taking a Fearless Course, Brian and Dave brought up 3 key things that I had not been exposed to. The first was being grounded. It doesn’t matter what you say, it wound have any effect if you’re not grounded. Second was tension, I was always one to play it safe. Without tension, attraction wont happen. And last, was releasing. I had lots of heavy negative energy that I was keeping me down. That comes across in any interaction, so its important to release that negativity.
~ Alfredo


Fearless has helped me to get out of my head & feel more. This has allowed me to be able to make better life choices, step out of my comfort zone, take more more risks and claim my place in the the universe. 

I still have much to do & learn. Grounding has become such a blessing in my life. After 2 years with Fearless I am really feeling & noticing how much happier, confident & confident  peaceful I am. Stay Fearless.
~ Manny T.

P.S. STAY POSITIVE!!! It truly helps!


Before Fearless, I was a mess. I was so numbed out to everything that I couldn’t understand why people got emotional at times. More so, I was afraid of emotions themselves. And when it came to women, I was always getting rejected no matter what pick-up line I tried out.
After Fearless, my life has changed in ways I couldn’t possibly have imagined. I can feel emotions and the energy flowing through my body. I’ve become aware of my values and what motivates me. Best of all, I frequently amaze myself with the positive responses I get women, even when all I do is say “
~ Nick B


I don’t know where to begin, Fearless has an still is changing my life. It’s hanged the way I view the world because it’s changed the way I view myself. Getting good with women, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this stuff. But what I Love a lot about the program is that its’s just that, it’s a brotherhood. And I couldn’t be more proud and happy to be a part of it. 

~ Matthew J


Fearless helped me to see how much we're communicating without words, and how I was conveying insecurities, doubt and anger to women at a subtle level without realizing it. After doing work with fearless, friends tell me I seem much more grounded, confident, and that I listen better and women respond better to me, while I worry less about what I say yo them.

~ Zach 


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