Learn the skills to build your dream life.
Wednesday • March 29th, 2017
At The Gathering, you will learn how to...
At The Gathering, you will learn how to...
  • Develop powerful presence so the world knows you're confident before you even open your mouth.
  • Attract and date the most beautiful, confident, successful women.
  • Create more abundance and financial freedom.
  • Set boundaries, say "No" to people, put yourself first, and be highly respected by others.
  • Create your overall dream life.
"I have to say, this by far is one of the best life-changing experiences I've ever encountered. They really changed the way I feel and the way I approach, not just girls, but people in general. They taught me techniques to feel less anxiety, they taught me techniques to be more confident...for the first time in my life I actually feel like myself, confident, bold, charismatic, likable and just happy. I owe these guys everything in my life. Thank you fearless team, thank you forever!"

Edward J

"I know you're wondering if you should do this or not, if you can afford it, if it will work. All I can say is, I was there, where you are now. In one year with FEARLESS, I've learned to overcome a physical handicap, jumped out of a plane, had massive success with women, and started a new coaching business. What are you waiting for?"

Aubin L

"In order to succeed in any aspect of your life you need a framework. That framework consists of beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. I learned what I was doing wrong (and also right) and have seen incredible results in my life through the teachings of Brian & Dave."

Vishal A.

“I’ve worked with healers and coaches in my life – I am one myself – and there is no doubt that Brian is one of the “best of the best” out there! He was able to put his finger on issues that dozens of others over many years completely missed, and I see the 100+ hours of private coaching with Brian as one of the best investments I’ve ever made. If you’re serious about changing your life, Brian is the man!”

Brent Phillips – Theta Healing LA

“Brian Begin is one of the most extraordinary human beings I've ever met. I've worked for Brian for almost two years now and I can tell you my life has altered ten times over because I get to sit in and listen to these amazing workshops! I get to see old clients and new clients and where they stand and WOW the success rate is thru the roof...”  

Alara Ceri– Actress

"Brian has a remarkable ability to pinpoint the issues correctly and quickly…. His work centers around dating and relationships, but clearly the benefits extend to family, friendships, career, emotional development and beyond. Life is too short not to learn how to get what you want.” 

Zack L. - Los Angeles, CA

“Great speaker, very insightful: Brian is a life changing coach. I gained a way of living life with more fun, confidence, passion and wisdom.” 

Jonathan P. - Bellflower, CA

“Brian’s work qualifies as non-traditional, rapid result producing therapy! I have been able to heal & let go of many issues in life that were holding me back. I found myself!! Whether you come to Brian for relationships or career help, you find that the foundation of everything you desire in life begins with you.”  

EJ K. - Los Angeles, CA

“Most people in the industry try to build people up with positive thoughts. Although that always helps; Brian’s step is actually attacking the inner thoughts so that we may conquer them.”  

Arnab D. - NYC 

“While many books exist on developing masculine qualities, Brian's workshops will help you get these lessons in your bones. Rather than simply using masculine power, Brian's methods allow you to be used by this power…His teachings go beyond simple dating...I would recommend him to any man interested in developing his personal power and consciousness.”   

Mark M– Santa Barbara, CA

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