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Have You Ever Wondered How Some Guys Seem To Get Women Effortlessly? Have you ever wondered “What is it that they have that you don’t?
Are You Tired of Not Getting The Results You Want With Women?
Hey, it's Brian…

…if you said yes to the questions above, I can relate. 

If there's one thing I know, it's the frustration and pain that men feel when it comes to attracting and dating the women they desire. 

See, I didn’t have any success with women - I mean ANY – until I finally lost my virginity when I was 21.
And even then, my dating life was unsatisfying and sucked. 

It was pathetic!

I’d grown up in a poor family, and we moved often. 
I was shy to the point of agoraphobia – scared to leave the house. 
I often snuck home from school and I’d beg my mom not send me back. 

I spent a lot of time alone. 

All I really enjoyed was playing  Dungeons & Dragons…alone or with my other nerdy, reclusive friends.

This is me in my 20s. Yikes!

Here’s Why Nice Guys Finish Last
I was HOPELESS with girls. A sensitive, shy, nice guy. The nice guy wuss I thought girls would go for.

But all the girls I liked, would end up going out with guys who I thought were jerks.

I was confused, frustrated, and I felt like something was just wrong with me.

Does this sounds familiar?

It was later that I realized I was only being “nice” to get women to validate and like me.

I had no confidence and myself esteem was in the shitter.

I just didn’t know any better.

Little did I know that girls are repelled by the nice guy.

I was the epitome of a people-pleasing “
Mr Nice Guy,” just desperately hoping women would like me.

Miserable and frustrated I didn’t know if things would ever get better.

Eventually, I did somehow meet a girl I was crazy about and we started dating.

But deep down, I was still really insecure.

All I would think about was:

“How long ‘til I fuck this up?”

“How long till she finds someone else?”

I was trying so hard to be nice to her and 
upset her becasue I didn't want to lose her!

Around this time, I discovered the “PUA”
community and learned all the techniques that are taught to win women over or how to be stop being nice and be more of a jerk.

So I tried to fake being a jerk.

Faking it didn’t work, I was so afraid to lose her that I couldn’t confidently step into tension with her.

So I just bounced back and forth between being a pushover nice guy and doing a horrible job of trying to pretend to be a jerk.

At the end of the day, that all came from this subconscious feeling deep down that I didn’t really deserve her.

So of course, that came out in my behavior with her...and she left me.

It ripped my heart out.

That first heartbreak in my early 20s spurred me to throw myself deep into personal development.

I became a social scientist, and I’ve been studying how to create confidence, attraction, and connection with women ever since.

I devoured every book and resource I could find within the greater personal growth world.

But at first, I still didn’t develop much masculinity.

At one point, I even moved into a Yoga commune, thinking “hippy, spiritual girls will love me!”

Instead all I would hear is “Brian, you’re wonderful, but let's just be friends”...(ugh!!!)

To make matters worse, they all then fell for ”the new guy” – (let’s call him “Adam”) who was fresh out of jail, with no money, and no car.

Are you kidding me?!!!

Adam was the exact opposite of who I was being.

I hated him at first, but then I swallowed my pride and decided to turn it into a learning opportunity.

So I moved in with Adam and studied what made him so irresistible to women.
Why Do Women Like Bad Boys?
After a few months of living with Adam, things started to turn around.

I slowly began to let go of the nice guy wuss. Didn't care so much for what people thought of me or offending people. 

I stopped being shy about my desire for women.

I thought this way of being wouldn’t work, but women were getting interested.

I was no longer desperately seeking validation from women and f
or the first time, I saw why being a nice guy had been hurting me so much.

Do you want to know what I learned from Adam?

First of all, drop the lines and the techniques and tricks…

...2nd stop worrying about what she thinks about you and whether she likes you and just give her the confidence she needs to see.

Since then I’ve spent two decades studying naturally confident men and what is that creates attraction with women.

My life slowly transformed from all the crippling anxieties and self-hatred and now I am coaching other
men just like you on how to finally have the results they want with women.

Now I’m dating an amazing, gorgeous model and a 
beautiful person of a girlfriend, and I’ve had countless fulfilling connections and relationships with great women along the way.

This is me now.

As I said, my journey has been a long, difficult, and an expensive one.

It’s certainly been worth every moment, every failure and heartbreak.

But you don’t need to spend anywhere close to the money, the time, or submit yourself to the level of pain and sacrifices I have to start transforming and getting great results with women and beyond.
Get Incredible Results
Plain and simple, my clients get amazing results.

Here are just a few of my clients’ highlights:

  • A 24-year old who went from virgin to the king of Lifestyle (aka swinger) parties and orgies.
  • A short, husky, divorcee who went from resenting women to attracting and dating so many women I told him to slow down for a while! 
  • A double-stroke survivor with a limp who’d spent around $10,000 on coaching with other companies but was still mostly struggling, who now attracts women everywhere and tells beautiful women he’ll only date them on his terms-in open relationships-until he’s ready to settle down. He won’t even look twice at the types of women he desperately settled for before. 
  • A guy who only came to one of my free talks and went out that night, applied what I taught him, and got laid that same night. 
  • A student who was tall and had “the looks” but still struggled to connect with women become an absolute lady-killer.
  • A student who had a FOUR-WAY (THREE girls and him) in Europe and started dating another girl (his “European Girlfriend”)...all in one week. Now he’s in an open relationship with another girl back here in the US.
  • A student who studied so much inauthentic ”PUA” (Pickup Artist) crap that, after spending thousands of dollars on five years of coaching, had become one of the weirdest, most awkward, disconnected people I’ve ever met. He couldn’t even socialize (much less get a girl) to save his life! Now he’s living with his girlfriend.
My clients get results because I help them work on themselves in a different way than most coaches do.

Let me teach you some of what I’ve learned through the years and what I teach all my clients.
Why do most men struggle to get dates, great sex, and fulfilling relationships with the women of their dreams?
These days, most men have a mindset that is killing their attraction factor: fear of tension.  

As a man, being good with tension is one of the most essential skills you can develop if you want to be powerfully attractive. 

Most men who are having trouble dating and getting relationships with the women they want are...

  • Avoiding the tension of approaching women they find attractive
  • Avoiding the tension of asking women out
  • Avoiding tension on the date and failing to create sexual tension...
What they don’t realize is that life is all about tension - we actually thrive on tension and we need tension to grow.

Women get attracted to men who are great with tension.
Are You Thinking About “Tension” All Wrong?
Tension can be a beautiful thing.

When you get a massage, it's the right amount of pressure (a form of tension) that makes it feel good.

You need to apply tension on your muscles at the gym (ie lifting weights) to make them stronger and bigger. Tension is where growth and life happen.

In today’s society, men are avoiding tension in all social situations - hoping that if they avoid tension, people will like them.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The truth is...without tension, you become boring and women RAPIDLY lose interest in you
Why Avoiding Tension is Pushing Women Away
& Keeping Your Life Small
When you avoid tension with other people, you're usually being inauthentic - because you're AFRAID to say or do what's true for're hiding your wants, needs, and desires out of FEAR...and women especially pick up on that fear, insecurity, and inauthenticity.

If you keep avoiding general tension with people and life, you will never get good at creating sexual tension and chemistry with women.

Think about it.

Does a woman want a man who can step into tension and make things happen - and who she knows can effectively stand up for her or protect her when need be - or does she want a man who constantly avoids or gets rid of tension?

Envision the sexiest male job stereotypes in the world - i.e. firefighter they all require the person doing it to deal with high levels of tension...and to do it without losing their cool.

But you don't need a certain job to be great with women.

You just need to start stepping into tension.
How to Start Getting Better & more Confident with Women - Today!
One tip you can start using right now is to begin to notice all the places you avoid tension.

When you pass by a hot girl at the store or coffee shop, do you let her walk away, or do you take action?

When the waiter gets your order wrong or they overcook your food, when a friend or acquaintance you don’t know that well suggests a restaurant or group activity you don’t really want to do, when someone asks you for help with something but you don’t want to, when someone mishears what you say or says they hate something you like (ie a band or a movie) you speak your mind, or do you often just do what everybody else wants and avoid rocking the boat?  
Notice these things...

and then start pushing your comfort zone bit by bit to step into more tension.

Changing your relationship to tension is one of the most powerful things you can do as a man to move forward not only in dating but throughout your life.
You’ve found the right place to make a big change
It’s not your fault you aren’t great with sexual tension or tension in general - society teaches us some pretty confusing, backwards things about how to be a good, attractive men these days.

But countless clients have already changed their relationship to tension and permanently transformed their dating lives...and so can you. 

This is one of the reasons I wrote FEARLESS with Women

To teach you how to get good with tension and increase your confidence.

When you become good with tension, you become more authentic, and women just are sexually, magnetically drawn to you.

I will teach you how to become powerfully attractive without manipulation.

And from this place you can create dynamic relationships with women you choose instead of taking what you can get or waiting for them to choose you.

Forget “getting lucky” - get consistent!

Inside this ebook you'll learn:
  • The reasons most men are struggling to meet, attract, get dates, have great sex and have fulfilling relationships with the women of their dreams. 
  • How to start conversations with ease and grace. 
  • How to quickly create sexual tension (how to flirt and get sexual) with women. 
  • Exercises to boldly walk into tension and be powerful, direct, and unapologetically honest with women (and all people) - you'll never hear things like "he's too nice" or "you're so nice - I just don't see you that way" again.  
  • How to leave women feeling better than you found them, and how to increase your “yes” factor. 
  • The 7 fundamentals of every successful "Dynamic Dating Conversation." (Most men make flirting and talking to girls much harder than it really is.) 
  • A little-known concept about BEING! Most self-help and dating products tell you a bunch of things you need to do, but they fail to focus on who you are being first. Women are attracted to a man's natural sexual presence and masculinity: The vibe he has before he even opens his mouth. 
  • How to focus on being so you will never need to rehearse pickup lines, routines, or magic tricks. 
  • Why being grounded and connected matters more than anything you say. (All men who are naturally good with women communicate from a grounded place.) 
  • Why TRUE vulnerability is actually one of the most confident, sexy ways of connecting with women. 
  • Exercises to develop "grounded vulnerability" that will have huge effects on your fear of approaching and being vulnerable (and massively confident) with women. 
  • How to maximize the speed and efficiency of your growth. When I was starting to learn to be better with women, I realized I was getting in my own way with a terrible mindset about being a student. I'll show you how to be a better student so you absorb and apply the teachings and exercises much more effectively. 
  • How the concept of "someday" is only making it harder to create the relationships you want with the women you want. 
Is this Fearless With Women ebook for you?

If you’ve got the dating and sex life you want or great relationships you’re completely fulfilled by, then you don’t need FEARLESS with Women...because you already are. 

But if you are at any point in your dating life where you feel like something’s missing-whether: 

-you’ve never even kissed a girl

-it feels like “luck” when you actually meet and have sex with or start dating a woman

-you’ve been in relationships that just haven’t cut it

-you can’t seem to attract or date the women you really want...or that feels like luck when you occasionally do

-you’re coming out of a relationship or marriage and need a little help getting “back in the game”

-you’re in a relationship right now that could use work...whether things are really bad, or you just want to make a good one even stronger

-you just feel like you’re settling in general

FEARLESS with Women will give you the knowledge and tools you need. 
Change yourself on a core level
It’s the 100-page manifesto of what works:

What worked in my journey from womanless to my dream girls, and what’s worked and been tweaked over and over again for all my workshop and private-coaching clients.

I know that if you implement the strategies and exercises I reveal in the book, you will be meeting women in no time.

You will be on the path to attracting as many women as you want into your life, with honesty and authenticity.

Awesome, stunning women that make heads turn and friends jealous.

And you will be setting up your relationships to be incredible and to last...
Learn and Apply what all my clients have paid MUCH,
MUCH more for
My in-person coaching services aren’t cheap. Especially for advanced programs.

The clients I told you about above and many, many others have invested a lot of money with me to improve their success with women. Because I haven’t found anyone else who teaches the way I teach, who coaches how I and my team coach, or who gets the transformative results that my clients get.

But I’ve taken the most impactful and easily actionable of all my teachings about women, confidence, and dating and put them in this ebook so you can afford to learn and apply them yourself and start getting real results.

I truly believe in the incredible value that this eBook has to offer. It normally retails at $49.99, but we've priced it at $19.97. Download your copy now.

Being confident and good with women starts with stepping into the tension.

Do you have questions email me at [email protected]
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